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What Is StormX and Does It Really Pay You Crypto to Shop Online? – MUO – MakeUseOf

You’re already shopping online, so why not earn some crypto cashback for your efforts?
With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, it's no surprise that crypto-related smartphone apps are booming, too. While many of these are solely for buying, selling, or storing crypto, there are quite a few exceptions, including StormX.
So, what exactly is StormX, and what does it offer?
StormX is a free smartphone app available on both Android and iOS. The app also comes in the form of a free Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension. Launched in 2015 by Simon Yu, this app focuses on letting users earn crypto in a multitude of ways that don't involve simply buying tokens and then selling them for a profit. StormX has four main features: cashback, buying, playing, and staking.
Download: StormX for Android | iOS | Chrome | Edge (All Free)
StormX's cashback feature essentially pays users for shopping online in a range of different stores. It does this by giving them a percentage of what they've spent in a selected store in the form of cryptocurrency. You can scroll through the stores through which you can earn crypto cashback with StormX, and you won't be short of choice.
StormX offers crypto cashback from over seven hundred different online stores. Whether you want clothing, food, homeware, or tech, you're in with a chance of getting cashback when you use this app. To do this, simply select one of the stores offered by StormX, take a look at the terms and conditions of your purchase, and you'll then be redirected to the website (as shown above).
Once you've completed a purchase, bolts will appear in your StormX account, which represent crypto. It's very important that you read the shortlist of terms and exclusions for each store before buying anything, as different items earn different cashback amounts. For example, if you want to earn crypto using eBay, you earn 0.6-0.8% cashback if you buy tech products, but this rate shoots up to 1.6% if you buy clothing or accessories.
On top of this, StormX has caps or limits on how much cashback you can earn per purchase, so take a look at these before making any big buys. It's also worth noting that the app isn't a fan of external promo codes or vouchers and will reduce or entirely remove your cashback eligibility if you use one.
You can withdraw your StormX funds in a range of different cryptos as soon as your balance hits $25. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, KeeperDAO, and StormX (STMX), the app's native token.
If you want to withdraw your funds, you need to connect an ERC-20 wallet to the app. StormX currently supports a wide range of popular wallets, including Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet. In short, the app supports any wallet with a web3-enabled browser. When you connect your wallet, you automatically move from being a regular member to a rewards member, allowing you to earn more cashback with each purchase you make.
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Because STMX is the app's native token, it rewards users for choosing it over other cryptos. If you hold SMTX more and more in your wallet, you can move up through the app's membership levels.
These levels range from Purple to Diamond, and you're required to hold a certain amount of STMX in your wallet to move from tier to tier. You don't need any STMX in your wallet to reach the first tier, but the amount you need to collect each time to advance increases until you reach the Diamond tier. At this point, you'll have at least 6.2 million STMX in your connected wallet.
But try not to focus too much on the membership tiers on StormX. While it seems tempting to accumulate more and more STMX to rise through the ranks, your cashback rate will only increase 3.5x by the time you get to the Diamond level. This also comes with a greatly reduced waiting period for rewards, but these are still pretty mundane perks.
Another important point to note is that StormX's cashback rates aren't as high as that of other competitors, like Swagbucks and Rakuten. However, these other companies pay in traditional cash, not crypto, so StormX is a solid option if you're only looking to earn the latter.
So, now we know all about StormX's cashback feature, let's discuss its staking options.
On StormX, you cannot stake any kind of crypto except for the app's native token, STMX. So, if you want to stake any other kind of crypto, you'll need to look elsewhere.
However, this doesn't mean that StormX isn't a viable option for staking its native token. STMX has a solid market cap, and many consider it to be one to watch. On top of this, StormX offers a handsome 7.5% reward rate for STMX staking, which is considerably more than traditional crypto exchanges offer for altcoin staking.
If you want to stake STMX using the StormX app, you need to connect an ERC-20 wallet and, of course, have some STMX stored in your wallet of choice. StormX pays rewards out every Sunday, so you can earn regularly without long waiting periods.
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As is often the case, your funds will be locked up by StormX for the duration of the staking period, and you may have to also pay a gas fee, given that StormX was built and operates on the Ethereum blockchain.
Alongside staking, you can also buy various cryptocurrencies using the StormX app, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This can be done by connecting your StormX account to its range of supported exchanges, like Binance, KuCoin, and Bittrex.
You can also swap crypto through StormX using either UniSwap or KyberSwap, two great services that exist on the Ethereum blockchain (and so may be subject to gas fees).
Now let's get to the final feature offered by StormX: playing games for crypto.
Sounds great, doesn't it? Playing games and getting crypto in return, what a win-win! There are a number of games on the StormX app that you can play and complete in order to earn crypto, such as slots, fantasy games, quizzes, combat games, and more.
These are just regular smartphone games that you can buy on the app store, but StormX's partnership with each makes it possible to earn while playing. There's a huge range of games available to play, and you can sort StormX's list by the highest reward so that you know which game will give you the biggest payoff.
However, you'll need to set up an account using StormX and provide both your email and phone number to start playing, so make sure you're comfortable doing so before getting started.
If you're specifically interested in building your crypto funds, StormX may prove to be an invaluable app for you. Whether you want to earn cashback by shopping online, stake your funds, or do a little gaming, StormX lets you accumulate crypto over time without expending much effort. That's a pretty good deal if you ask us!
If you’re working up a sweat, why not earn some coins while you’re doing it? Sweatcoin isn’t a true currency, but that doesn’t mean it has no value.
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