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Start Your Exploration into the Metaverse with the Apes of Space | – Bitcoinist

The metaverse is the new buzzword in the crypto and NFT space. With so many projects debuting every day, however, you might find yourself confused and unsure where to begin your exploration. That being said, a project with the backing of multiple experts, a long-term vision, and real-life utility is always a safe bet. If it has a thriving community and a track record of success, then you can trust it will be worthwhile. The Apes of Space NFT project is that and more. Whether you’ve just started exploring the metaverse or are an expert, there are several reasons you should check it out.
Apes of Space NFT project is a Premium Partner of The Sandbox, on par with the likes of Atari, Gucci, Ubisoft, among others. The project development team comprises experts with various backgrounds, from tech to marketing to community development. As a valued Premium Partner, this team is committed to building an unmatched Metaverse experience only in The Sandbox. This experience will include building a community, monetizing the user’s virtual experiences, and long-term growth opportunities for members.
The first step in community building was the purchase of the 6*6 estate in the Sandbox metaverse. Now, the Apes of Space development team is building a Social Hub on a 2*2 piece of land on that estate. The Hub will be a central area for the Sandbox community to hang out, socialize, and have fun. However, only owners of the Apes of Space VX will access the premium in-game and play-to-earn benefits. Every member with an Ape of Space VX will be provided with a unique in-game avatar that will help them play and earn in different games.
These unique games and experiences will allow players to explore the infinite universe and galaxies in the wider Galactic World in The Sandbox with over 32 LANDS. The storyline will comprise players arriving at this civilization and urgently needing to repair a broken teleportation system to travel and explore the wider Galactic World. The game will consist of unlocking various quests and other in-game experiences at each level.
Besides exploring the strange LANDS with exotic creatures and plants, players will also have the chance to make money from their experiences. Players will earn $SAND, the main utility token when they finish a series of quests and challenges. Users will buy or sell their in-game assets with their $SAND tokens. The Apes of Space community members will also be able to invest their assets to earn more $SAND.
Later, an Ape of Space will also give its holders access to rewards and unique experiences, such as galleries, leaderboards, special events, and mini-games. Every event will grant the user more opportunities to earn extra income. The project developers plan to continue adding new project features in the coming months, and the early adopters will continue earning benefits as they play. The team has a long-term plan for the project, one they hope will bring success to all parties. In the future, the Apes of Space NFT team plans to build a metaverse studio where it will share its experiences with other NFT and Metaverse Teams.
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