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Okex Invite code To Get Upto $30 On Signup – Deccan Herald

Okex invite code is “1934457” to get $30 on signup for each referral.if you sign up to OKEX using this code you will get special rewards and discount on fee. If you are looking for Okex Invite Code then you are in the right place, you need to use this referral code at the time of signup to enjoy benefits. One of the best crypto exchange apart from OKEX is FTX where you can enjoy lots of more features.
How to create an account on the Okex exchange using a Invite code?
The account creation process is a bit easier. Just follow the steps properly to do it.
•    First of all, just go to the official website of Okex exchange.
•    Now just start registering by filling in all the relevant details like Email ID, password, mobile number, and referral code. 
•    Click on Invite code
•    Enter Okex invite code : 1934457
•    Then you need to submit all the documents, which are necessary to verify your account.
That’s it, in this way, you can easily create an account on the Okex exchange using a referral code. 
Okex Invite and Earn Program
Using Okex Invite code (1934457) you will be able to earn upto $30 BTC on signup. When your0 referral completes all the tasks and applies for a bonus within 30 days of registration then you will be able to get $30 Free BTC.
When they will join with your invite code and complete all the steps then you both will get a $10 bonus. After that, when they deposit the amount of $100 or more then you will get a $10 rebate card. In the end, when they start trading then you will again get a $10 rebate card. So the total amount is $30. 
When you have completed 10 referrals then you will not be able to get referral commission, you will get some percentage of their transaction fees. 
What is Okex Exchange?
Okex is a popular crypto exchange providing different types of financial services. This platform relies on Blockchain technology and all the trading and investment takes wisely. Okex is providing its services in more than 100 countries and they have millions of active users trading daily. They are providing various services on their platform like margin, spot, options, and some more so that users can get sufficient options to trade. They are not over here, they have also launched a referral program where users can earn a good income by just referring more peoples. Let us know about that.
How to get benefits from Okex Invite code?
After creating an account okex using invite code which is “1934457”. you can earn rebate card on each trade. Also you can join referral or affiliate program of Okex.
So that’s all about the Okex invite code which is “1934457” to enjoy $30 rewards on signup. Don’t forget to use our referral code at the time of registration if you want to get some cashback. Still, if you have any doubts then you can tell us in the comment section. 
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