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Luno Promo Code: 492PG8 (Free Sign Up Bonus) – The Indian Express

The Luno Promo Code is 492PG8. This code allows new users to receive the best sign up bonus on the platform. After that, users can receive additional rewards by joining the Luno referral program.
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Luno is a cryptocurrency platform with over 8 million users. This makes it a smaller exchange compared to industry giants like Binance and Coinbase. However, that doesn’t mean that Luno is not a capable exchange.
Like many other platforms, Luno tries to brand itself as the simple crypto exchange. It does this by heavily pushing its Android and iOS apps, both of which are extremely polished relative to the shoddy apps put out by many other exchanges.
Luno is not a large platform and thus does not offer a lot of payment methods. However, most of the common payment methods that users might utilize to convert fiat currency into crypto are present. These include credit and debit cards along with bank transfers.
Luno also claims that it has an extremely secure internal wallet that utilizes industry-leading practices. While there haven’t been any security issues reported about the wallet, no online wallet can ever be as secure as cold storage. As such, users should tread carefully and at their own risk.
Luno tries to enable trading through the mobile app and does a decent job of it. Numerous other exchanges also have this feature, but the mobile interfaces simply do not do a great job of allowing users to trade on the small screen.
Luno is also not perfect in this regard. However, the app is good enough and not cramped so as to allow users to execute emergency trades on the go. Sadly, however, the desktop interface offered by Luno is not up to par with some of the more well-known trading platforms.
Since it is a small exchange, and one that is looking to grow quickly, Luno offers an extremely lucrative sign up bonus. Let’s take a look at how new users can claim it.
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Perhaps the only major drawback of using Luno is the fact that it is not available worldwide. Due to regulatory restrictions, the exchange is only available in around 40 countries.
However, the promo code can be used in any of the countries where Luno is allowed to operate. These countries include the UK, Canada, Australia, and South Africa (among others).
Also, remember that citizens of the countries where Luno is operational can use the platform anywhere in the world. For example, a Singaporean citizen living in the US can access Luno as long as they provide the exchange with proof of Singaporean citizenship.
The Luno referral code is 492PG8. New users that want to claim the welcome bonus will need to use this code when signing up. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that.
The referral program is one of the main reasons to consider using Luno as an exchange. Let’s take a look at how it works.
Luno has a very compelling referral program, mainly because it is one of the few exchanges out there that still rewards its users for signing up in BTC directly.
Most of the other exchanges, especially the larger ones, have now switched to offering discounts on trading fees and commissions based on the fees generated as a referral reward. Luno, however, offers a simple BTC reward.
Once users have joined Luno and received the bonus through the referral code, they can head to the ‘Refer a Friend’ tab and join the program. Here, users will receive their own referral link and referral code.
This code can then be shared with family and friends to get them to join Luno. Once the referrals have gone through the sign up process (outlined above), both the invitee and the referral will receive a BTC reward.
Remember that in order to receive the reward, users need to deposit a small amount of money. However, this figure is insignificant and most crypto enthusiasts should be able to meet the deposit limit without significant difficulties.
Lastly, remember that the bonus is deposited as soon as all the conditions are met. Bonuses are deposited into the Luno wallets of both the invitee and the referral. The bonus is then immediately usable across Luno.
Luno also runs other promotions that allow users to earn extra rewards and bonuses from time to time. However, not everyone can enroll in these promotions.
Most of the time, these promotions target a specific country. On top of that, the promotions only run for around 1-2 weeks. Still, these promotions often offer large rewards. Sometimes they can only be accessed by certain users (e.g. market makers). Other times, there are giveaways that users can enter and if they are lucky, they can win prizes.
Certain promotions also involve social media or advertising the Luno name in some way. These promotions are the easiest as users can quickly earn rewards without having to own a lot of crypto or get lucky in a raffle.
For crypto users that are always on the go and do not have a computer at hand, Luno is one of the most competent exchanges out there. Its slick mobile app combined with one of the best mobile trading platforms make it ideal for this specific use case.
New users can use the promo code 492PG8 to receive a welcome bonus on the exchange. Simply use the code to sign up and enjoy the bonus.
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Luno Promo Code: 492PG8 (Free Sign Up Bonus) - The Indian Express


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