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Is it Real to Earn Free BTC With Cloud Mining Apps? – Cryptonews

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Over the course of the last 10 years, we have all gotten very used to Bitcoin mining that involves specialized ASIC miners, and huge warehouses full of rigs, typically located in China. Nevertheless, with the recent news of Chinese miners being slashed by the government and dropping network hash rates, cloud mining starts to suddenly make a lot of sense. The best part is that few platforms like Stormgain, let you cloud mine free Bitcoin every 4 hours, whilst trading your favourite crypto pairs. But there is much more to this, so let’s dive in and investigate the perks of Bitcoin cloud mining, as well as services and apps that revolve in this medium.
Cloud mining is nothing new in the world of professional Bitcoin mining. In fact, few companies have been at it right from the early days of blockchain but the product was never too much of an appeal for those who are serious about their mining rewards. Most of these services operated on an annual subscription basis and never promised the server uptime that would generate a return worthy of opportunity costs. Moreover, with the mining superpower that China, by now, used to be, cloud mining would have required substantial investments simply to start making sense from the rate of return point of view.
Now though, the tables have turned and since Chinese Bitcoin miners are out of the equation, Bitcoin mining gets the appeal back. But it is not the sole cloud mining that we now get access to. Some industry-leading crypto businesses practically reimagine it, finally making it work as a product and this is how…
Not for the sake of plugging but to simply make an example, Stormgain is first and foremost a crypto trading platform that boasts pro signals and up to x300 leverage. Just like when Binance invented BNB and made some lucky traders a few extra millions, Stormgain also packs a punch. And the punch is represented by a free Bitcoin cloud mining service, accessible to all users of this crypto trading platform. All you have to do is register on the platform, click a button to launch your personal cloud miner and carry on about your business.
Now then, if by coincidence you are in the business of crypto trading, then you are in for a treat. The more you trade the higher your hash rate gets and this can only mean more free Bitcoin! Every Stormgain trader starts off yielding 0.30USDT per day and the more you trade, the greater the hash rate of your cloud miner becomes. Think of it as a passive income on steroids, fully dependent on how much volume you trade.
Unlike fidgety cloud mining services of the past, Stormgain lets you move the mining balance on to the trading platform as soon as it reaches 10USD. Then, you are free to trade it, withdraw it or simply buy some new crypto that you expect to hit tomorrow’s headlines. What’s not to like?
The rules in Bitcoin mining are simple. Your mining costs must not exceed the value of Bitcoin you get as a reward. The reason why the Chinese were so good at mining, is because they had access to incredibly cheap electricity which aided the final margins of mining.
This is where cloud mining is different because it eliminates all the complexities tied to having to maintain physical rigs. Therefore, Bitcoin cloud mining can, indeed, be profitable, especially when it comes to a free service by Stormgain, that you can run on any of your devices without draining any resources.
Last but not least, it takes less than 5 minutes to download the app, pass a quick registration and launch the free Bitcoin cloud mining. It can be done on your phone or desktop and most importantly let’s you trade and get rewarded with free Bitcoin, all at the same time.
There is no one size that fits all when it comes to cloud mining apps. Selecting the right one is all down to your personal needs but since we all trade crypto, why not do it with the added benefit of free Bitcoin cloud mining. After all, it doesn’t cost a dime to get started and the rewards are as real as it gets. You are 3 minutes away from free BTC cloud mining!


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