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Mar 10
Save has one hell of a marketing team.
There’s that ad starring Matt Damon and directed by Oscar-winner Wally Pfister. The L.A. Lakers home stadium is now Arena.
Yet behind the endless marketing budget lies one of the most reputable crypto companies in the industry. boasts a mammoth ecosystem spanning payments, trading and financial services that now rivals Binance in size.
Metaverse, NFTs and DeFi? Yep, plays here too.
But it was their Metal VISA debit cards that put this fledging fintech on the map. A game-changer at launch, these cards were a major disruptor at the time.
Sign up to here (referral code ‘col’) and get $25 worth of free CRO when you apply for a Ruby Steel card or above.
The biggest draw are instant cashbacks for daily purchases.
Forget about airline mileage or FlyBuys reward points, these VISA cards pay instant cryptocurrency into your wallet. Sweet.
Just did some grocery shopping? Grabbed some pizza? Filled up your car with gas? Upgraded to the latest smartphone? Get an instant crypto cashback.
In short, you’ll get
Full list of’s Metal VISA debit card benefits are here.
The level of benefits you get depend on which tier card you choose:
Higher-tier cards require more CRO to be staked on the App. In exchange, you get more cashback rewards and free services.’s Metal Visa debit cards are currently available in: US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and Brazil. More places are coming.
Let’s dive into each card in more detail.
This is’s entry-level card and is free. Woohoo!
In exchange, you’ll get 1% cashback in CRO for regular purchases, along with $200 worth of free monthly ATM withdrawals.
This is’s first premium card and requires staking $400 worth of CRO in the App for 6 months. (Or £300 or €350 or $500 AUD/CAD/SGD.)
In return, you’ll get these rewards:
Sign up here (referral code ‘col’) and get a bonus $25 worth of CRO for free. Detailed instructions below.
If you spent $20k a year on your Ruby Steel card, you’ll end up with roughly $600 worth of benefits. At the same time, your $400 worth of CRO stake is both compounding at 6% APR and likely appreciating in value as mainstream crypto adoption ramps up.
The next step up from Ruby Steel are the Royal Indigo & Jade Green cards. These two cards differ only cosmetically. Both look great — personally I love the Jade Green sheen! These cards require $4,000 worth of CRO staked in the App. (Or £3000 or €3500 or $5000 AUD/CAD/SGD.)
In return, you’ll get these rewards:
For many people, this card will offer a sweet spot between the CRO staking requirements and benefits.
Don’t forget that CRO underpins the entire ecosystem.
Your $4,000 stake actually increases the interest rate of all the bitcoin, ethereum, USDC and other cryptocurrencies you’re saving in your Earn Wallet. For the crypto HODLers, this might be an even bigger benefit than the Metal VISA card.
Again, sign up here (referral code ‘col’) and get a bonus $25 worth of CRO for free.
Now we’re getting into high-roller territory. A bit rich for my taste, but maybe I’ll get there one day. One can dream!
The Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White cards (cosmetic difference) require a $40,000 CRO stake.
In return, you’ll get:
This is the big daddy of all VISA debit cards. Requiring a $400,000 CRO stake, you know you’ve made it if you’re flying around with this card.
Your benefits are:
Most folks find the Ruby Steel ($400 CRO stake) and Royal Indigo / Jade Green ($4,000 CRO stake) cards to offer the sweet spot for their budget and benefits.
It’s important to understand that the Metal VISA cards are but one feature within a massive ecosystem that spans payments, trading and financial services.
The same $4,000 CRO staking requirements that’ll land a new Jade Green card in your hands will also ramp up the interest/reward rate of all the cryptocurrencies you’re saving in your Earn Wallet.
Thus the more you make use of your various products, the more synergistic the rewards become.
Keen on a Ruby Steel card or above?
Sign up here and get an instant $25 bonus after applying for your new card.
Once the above steps are done, your $25 worth of free CRO will be instantly unlocked in the App.
You can then HODL, stake it (for 6% APR), convert to BTC or any other crypto…or sell it back for cash. All up to you!
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