You are currently viewing Binance Referral Code: UV659J9T (Get Free Sign Up Bonus) – The Indian Express

Binance Referral Code: UV659J9T (Get Free Sign Up Bonus) – The Indian Express

The Binance referral code is: UV659J9T. New users on the crypto exchange can use the code and get the top referral promo trading bonus.
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While Binance is not a platform that anybody involved in the world of cryptocurrency needs an introduction to, there may be a few features that users are not aware of.
Of course, Binance offers all the standard features that are expected from an exchange. The only difference is that it offers them at a far greater level than most others.
For example, like other platforms, it is possible for users to purchase cryptocurrency for fiat currency. However, the payment methods available are insane, and they vary according to cryptocurrency.
If users are willing to go through the P2P route to purchase crypto, there are over 100 payment methods available. These range from local bank transfers to SWIFT and PayPal.
When it comes to trading, everything is available from spot and margin to futures and swaps. There are also additional features available to users such as strategy trading. Strategy trading allows users to automate the strategy and make money without a lot of input.
Due to its large size and larger regulatory scrutiny, Binance has an extensive support program. There is extensive material available regarding responsible trading and how to avoid fraud as well.
Apart from offering all the standard finance features that allow users to use cryptocurrency as money, Binance recently moved into NFTs as well. Once again, Binance does not offer anything substantially different than other NFT marketplaces, but the marketplace is larger.
As such, Binance is the perfect platform for those that want to have the maximum liquidity and the biggest marketplace. What’s great is that new users can use the Binance referral code to get the best sign up bonus available. Here is how to do that.
Signing up on Binance is easy. However, due to the increased regulatory scrutiny, Binance requires stringent verification checks. As such, it is important for new users to make sure that they do not break any exchange rules while registering.
Here is a step by step guide on how crypto enthusiasts can register on Binance using the referral code and get the bonus coupon.
Once users are a part of the Binance referral program, they can be eligible for further rewards. Here are the details.
Perhaps the only problem, and this is not specific to Binance but to all the larger exchanges, is the referral program. It is not bad by any means, and users can make a significant amount of money through it.
However, due to its large size, Binance does not need to incentivize new referrals in the same way as the other exchanges. Most new crypto enthusiasts automatically gravitate towards the larger exchanges due to the security, trust, reliability, and the features that they provide.
Still, Binance has a reasonably profitable referral program that mainly works through discounts and commissions on trading.
A user can go to the Binance referral page and generate a referral code that can be shared with their friends and family. Each code has up to 40% from the fee generated to be given as kickbacks.
Invitees need to decide what percentage of this they want to share with the referrals. If they share a high percentage, their reward will be lower but they will be able to convince more people to sign up using their code.
However, if the percentage shared is high, then their profits will be higher but it will be difficult to convince others to join using the code.
Also, remember that in order to receive a 40% kickback, invitees must have more than 500 BNB in their account. BNB is Binance’s proprietary token, and is quite a large currency in its own right. If a user has less than 500 BNB in their account, they only receive 20% of the trading fee as a kickback. Also, it is not possible to share more than 20% of the commission with the referral.
Those looking for more information about the referral program should click here to go to the official referrals page. Users can also go to the Binance support platform to look into the program in greater detail.
The fees on Binance are average. While they do not overcharge users compared to other platforms, there are numerous other exchanges that charge a lower fee.
Ways to reduce the fees include joining the VIP program. Users need to hold BNB or have a 30-day trading volume to join the program. There are a total of ten VIP levels that users can be a part of.
There are also other ways to get a discount. Obviously, using a referral code to sign up and receiving a referral bonus is one of them. On top of that, users can also use BNB to pay instead of the currency that they are trading. Using BNB gets users a 25% discount on trading fees.
For futures trading, trading USD-M futures leads to traders getting a 10% discount on the fee. Lastly, the fees vary depending on the type of orders. Using maker orders is a great way to reduce fees. However, the orders will take a longer time to fill, as there will need to be a taker on the other end.
Click here to learn more about Binance fees.
Binance is a platform that users cannot go wrong with. It provides literally every service that a crypto user would require, including a visa card that can be used to earn substantial reward benefits.
Note: the Binance referral ID works in most countries including: UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore. 
Signing up with the referral code is a great way to begin using the platform, as it gets you the best bonus available on the platform. So, use the code UV659J9T and begin trading on Binance right now.
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Binance Referral Code: UV659J9T (Get Free Sign Up Bonus) - The Indian Express
Binance Referral Code: UV659J9T (Get Free Sign Up Bonus) - The Indian Express


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