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2022's Top Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms & Crypto Exchanges – Blog – The Island Now

Crypto trading platforms are digital marketplaces, kind of like Walmart and Target, where you exchange money to get anything you need. But on Crypto trading platforms, you trade one digital money, a.k.a. cryptocurrency, for another to make a profit. It is a lot like foreign exchange, where people buy for or against the market.
Many people use this trading concept to hedge their funds against inflation by saving or investing in a cryptocurrency. Some investors are just there to buy or sell for profit. This means crypto trading is fast becoming a sustainable income for crypto lovers. Others bet for or against the market and gain profit from their accurate predictions. Whatever the motive, crypto trading is a huge business for many people, and we know you are eager to get in on all that action.
So, this leads us to one of the most confusing questions in the crypto industry. How can you tell the best trading platforms to use?
After much research, we have compiled a list of the five best crypto trading platforms you can use, especially if you are a beginner.
With the following information, we hope you will make an informed decision on the best crypto trading platform.
Kris Marszalek, Rafael Melo, Gary Or, and Bobby Bao established Monaco Advances GmbH in June 2016. With its central station in Hong Kong, has risen as one of the foremost well-known cryptocurrency exchanging stages. It is a middle-person token that can be utilized to change over cryptocurrency into fiat cash at a decreased rate. It is currently positioned 22nd within the cryptocurrency showcase, with a showcase cap of $19 billion. This stage permits clients to purchase, offer, and exchange over 200 diverse cryptocurrencies. This trade acknowledges progressed arrange sorts, prospects contracts, and other cryptocurrency items like NFTs. It too gives cryptocurrency rewards, credit cards, staking, and the Chain, a blockchain ecosystem. By staking CRO, clients can gain token rewards for particular postings on the app. Users can win up to a 12% yearly rate of return on their coins by staking them on either
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One of the highest interest-yielding crypto trading platforms & best cryptocurrency exchanges on the market is BlockFi. It offers over 8% interest on your cryptocurrencies annually, which beats most of the best savings platforms. Besides that, BlockFi allows you to borrow against your coins if you need ready cash. So, instead of liquidating your assets or selling off your coins, you can simply take a loan from the platform. Cool, right?
Established by Zae Prime and Float Marque in 2017, the vision of this platform was to give credit and banking quality administrations to business sectors with zero admittance to an investment account.
BlockFi makes it possible to automate your exchanges, which makes their service easy to engage. The platform also gives you a 7.5% premium for simply keeping crypto in your record. You are qualified for a regularly scheduled installment accumulated when your crypto remains in your record. Over time, they gather a small exchange charge from your profits.
If you are in an emergency and need to auction your cryptocurrencies for cash, you can do so easily. But, BlockFi also allows you to get a loan in USD by using 50% of your coins as collateral. It means that if you can return the loan within the stipulated time frame, you will be given back your assets.
BlockFi trades with only a few popular cryptocurrencies, so be sure your exchange currency is available on their platform before making your decision. The coins include Ethereum, Gemini Dollar, U.S. Dollar (USDT), Stable Coin (USDC), The Gemini, Bitcoin pax gold, Dollar (GUDS), etc.
Lastly, using the BlockFi Visa Credit Card can earn you some fantastic rewards. It can give you up to 1.5% interest in Bitcoin on all purchases you make with the card. Plus, there are no annual charges.
Internationally Acknowledged: BlockFi is a globally recognized platform for crypto trading. It operates anywhere that has no embargo on crypto trading activities.
Offers Loans: You can take a loan against your holdings rather than sell off your digital assets. This feature is available to both individuals and business entities.
Available as an App: The BlockFi app is viable with Android and iOS gadgets. So, you can efficiently operate it with just one touch, rather than going to their website.
Offers Lots of Perks: It offers a lot of perks for using its trading platform. For instance, they are currently offering $250 for every $25 investment you deposit and maintain over a specified period.
No Commission: It charges no commission for trading. Generally, BlockFi does not charge on every transaction you make on their platform. However, they require a small spread fee.
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With over 20 million users across the globe, eToro made it to our top best cryptocurrency trading platforms because of several factors.
The eToro trading platform is easy to operate and well secured. You can get up to 16 crypto coins right on their platform, including Bitcoin. It also has a cryptocurrency wallet where you can save your coins. The eToro wallet is protected and can hold diverse cryptocurrencies without a moment’s delay.
Founded in 2007 by Yoni Asia, eToro has grown from a little private company located in Hoboken, NJ, to one with registered branches in Israel, Cyprus, and the U.K. For now, eToro is only used for cryptocurrency trading in the U.S. Still, E.U. investors or other non-U.S. traders can trade commodities, stocks, indices, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, etc.
eToro is currently known as one of the best social trading platforms because investors can copy the trades of top traders and get their kind of results. If you are a newbie on eToro, this is a great way to get your feet wet until you can successfully make winning trades on your own.
Once you open an account with them and start trading with at least $500 worth of cryptocurrency, you will get $50 free on the platform. You must have the necessary documents for verification, such as proof of identity (POI) and proof of address (POA), before getting started on eToro.
They support investors or traders from over 140 countries in the world. To begin trading, you would need to deposit at least $50 into your deposit funds, and you would also need at least $25 for trading.
As a U.S. investor, you have access to three offerings from eToro, and the company has a different exchange package for U.S. traders. As an individual, you can trade on your own, imitate the investment portfolio of successful traders by using eToro’s CopyTrader™, and invest in any copy portfolios overseen by eToro.
For copy trading, investors can select a specific trader and copy their trades, automatically making the same trades like the one they are imitating. You can allocate a certain amount for each copy trade you choose and set a stop loss to hedge your investments. You will also have access to any investment positions opened with CopyTrader.
On the other hand, Copy Portfolios allow you to imitate the entire portfolio of the selected trader, not just one trade at a time. You can do this in two ways — copy a top-performing trader’s portfolio or copy market portfolios investing in portfolios that clump different investments together.
The platform charges commissions of 0.75% to 2.90% based on bid-ask spreads.
The minimum amount to deposit or withdraw on this trading platform is $50. When depositing funds, eToro will place a seven-day hold on the funds, which means you will not be able to use the money until after a week. Withdrawals, on the other hand, may be on hold for 24 hours. However, it may take up to 3 days for the transfer to go through after the hold period.
Lots of Educational Resources: eToro has many learning tools and platforms that help your trading go smoothly, from video guides and how-to manuals to their support communities that provide valuable resources.
Copy Trading: One distinct characteristic that sets eToro apart from other exchange platforms is its copy trading feature. Here you can mimic successful traders’ portfolios or invest in any of the portfolio templates created by eToro and let them handle the investments for you.
Mobile App: Available for iOS and Android users, eToro’s mobile app makes it easy to operate from a touch on your screen.
Wide Range of Currencies: It has more cryptocurrencies for exchanges. eToro has 17 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dogecoin, Neo, Eos, Chainlink, Tron, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Cardano, Tezos, Iota, and Uniswap.
Security for Your Investments: For security reasons, eToro keeps cash investments in a different bank. It utilizes a level 1 bank, which is the most secure. They are utilized for monetary guidelines, and it has a solid capital worth so it can withstand sudden misfortunes.
Nominal Service Charges: They collect 0.1% for every crypto exchange and 0.85%-5% for a spread.
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Coinmama is an exchange platform that intends to demystify the cryptographic money market. The cryptocurrencies on Coinmama include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Bitcash, and Ripples.
For many investors, purchasing cryptocurrency can be difficult. Without adequate information, you might purchase some coins hoping they would ascend in value and end up getting disappointed.
With Coinmama, the conclusion that cryptocurrency is a risky and challenging venture is gradually decreasing. Coinmama provides adequate information about how various coins are faring in the market, so you can make an informed decision when trading.
It charges 2% for purchasing and selling exchanges, while it charges 3.9% for purchasing. For exchanges that happen quickly, it charges 5%.
What Is New in the Crypto World?: You can stay abreast with what is happening in the crypto world and make informed decisions about your trading strategies thanks to Coinmama’s up-to-date blog.
Devotion Plans: It has benefits for users under their devotion plans. Coinmama clients are consequently added to the reliability plan once they utilize the platform. It means traders have to engage the platform for about 90% continuously, or they may lose their buying ability to procure devotion. Thus, the more cryptocurrency you can purchase and sell, the higher your devotion. There are three bundles to procure devotion. Crypto devotees save 25%, and they get quick customer service. Crypto lovers save 12.5%, and they have quicker client care. The lowest bundle, crypto inquisitive, has no advantages, as it utilizes dependability and the technique for payment to decide expenses.
Instant Purchase: Unlike some other cryptocurrency exchanges, when you buy Bitcoin on Coinmama, you can get it within minutes. So, there is no need to wait for a certain number of days or several hours before you receive your coins.
Complete Control: Users do not have to worry about exposing their wallet information through the platform. Even Coinmama cannot access its customers’ funds, nor can it store their payment information. Users will have to personally control all of their information and assets through any third-party wallet of their choice.
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Binance is one of the most popular decentralized exchanges platforms, and it offers over 150 cryptocurrencies for exchange purposes and is available to both individuals and institutions. It has a Bitcoin wallet that is also well known.
Additionally, it is made for people who like to invest in lesser coins, as it offers over 50 different cryptocurrencies to traders. Its Beginner and Advanced charting, user education, and myriad trade options make it valuable to traders worldwide.
Binance has several perks for trading with their platform, such as recurring buys — a feature that allows you to set your trading schedule automatically — staking rewards, OTC, etc.
Although Binance is recognized worldwide, it is restricted to many states in the U.S. U.S. traders have to access the platform through instead of
Lastly, since its inception, it remains the largest if you judge by global trading. Amazingly, it attained this feat in just six months from its creation. Binance is also in the top league due to its user-friendly accommodation of different languages.
Safety: Binance is safe, as it allows the protection of users’ accounts by using two-factor verification. In 2019, the company suffered a significant breach in their security. Since then, the platform has tightened up its security, and it boasts of the most secure trading platform globally.
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Crypto Diversity: It is noteworthy that Binance remains one of the few platforms that accommodates numerous altcoins. It is not limited to trading with top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcash, Bit Gold, Lite coin, Ripple, etc.
P2P Feature: The P2P feature in Binance makes it even much more comfortable to trade on the platform. It has zero hidden fees and the best prices on exchanges.
Escrow Available for P2P Exchanges: You can conveniently run your crypto operation without worrying about being scammed since Binance has an escrow account where you and your peer can keep your exchanges until you are satisfied with what you got. Using both crypto and fiat currency is allowed.
Suitable for Beginners and Experts: Binance has trading interfaces that are accessible to both beginners and advanced users.
Trading Perks: Binance has a lot of perks or bonuses for using its exchange platform. They include recurring buys, OTC trading, staking rewards, crypto trading pairs, stablecoins, etc.
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Many crypto exchange platforms face many challenges, especially security issues, but Coinbase works extra hard to stay one step ahead of these problems. They say they have never had a security breach since their inception. Following the advent of Bitcoin, Coinbase was created four years later in 2012 to promote ease of exchange between crypto traders.
Located in San Francisco, CA, Coinbase is the second-largest exchange according to the coin market, with its branches spread across the globe. It is primarily known for its long list of supported cryptocurrencies. Recently, Coinbase included over 100 currencies in their asset directory list, making them a top crypto exchange platform with one of the highest supported crypto in the market.
It also has up to 25 cryptographic forms of money, and some examples are Celo, Cosmos, Algorand, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.
After passing through all of the necessary financial regulations, Coinbase can operate fully across 40 U.S. states. It is best for beginners because it allows fiat trading. This means individuals can easily send or receive money directly into their bank accounts.
Enjoy Perks and Bonuses for Using the Platform: You can enjoy some of their advantages if you follow their guidelines. For instance, you could earn a bonus of $5 to $10 if you deposit at least $100 in your newly created Coinbase account.
Paid Version: Coinbase has a paid version of the standard interface called Coinbase Pro. This pro version is for more experienced traders to make their exchange. Of course, it has more options and advantages that are not available for the regular version.
Currency Changing: You do not have to change your base currency into another cryptocurrency when trading with BCH, Bitcoin, ETH, and LITE on the Coinbase platform.
Wallet: The Coinbase crypto exchange platform also offers a Bitcoin wallet where you can store your cryptocurrencies. You can be assured of the wallet’s safety, as they adhere to strict security measures to keep your account and deposits safe. Their decentralized wallet is available on Google Play and the Apple store.
Real Money Exchange: Actual U.S. dollars back Coinbase USD coin, so you can redeem your 1 USDC for $1 at any U.S. bank.
Visa Card: You can use the Coinbase Visa card to purchase anything physically or online with any asset you hold in your Coinbase portfolio. Using the card might earn you 4% cashback on whatever you spend if you choose to get the reward through XLM, or 1% if you choose Bitcoin. Also, there is no fee attached to the card annually.
Loan Feature: Coinbase has a loan feature that allows you to borrow fiat currencies using your Bitcoin as collateral. You can borrow as much as $100,000 without a set payment plan. All you have to do is pay the required monthly interest. Although you may take as much time as you need to pay off the principal, you should note that you will pay more interest on longer outstanding loans.
=> Click here to visit the official website of Coinbase
There is little on cohesive lists about the best crypto trading platforms on the internet. Why? Maybe it is because many people are still trying to wrap their heads around how it works. But after thorough research, we chose the most popular crypto trading platforms and tried to understand why they have so much going for them.
Next, we set up a standard checklist that helped us filter out what does not help beginners like you. We want you to make informed decisions about the best crypto trading platforms to use. With that goal in mind, here is what we looked out for before making our choice.
As the crypto market grows, more and more people are looking for ways to understand the mystery behind blockchain and how they can benefit from it. As a result, essential factors streamline their search for the right trading platform to purchase and sell their digital assets. Here are the six factors we looked out for that helped us choose the best crypto trading platforms for beginners.
We have heard numerous horror stories of some crypto trading platforms going bankrupt and causing their investors to lose tons of money. We have also heard about some platforms being hacked by notorious scammers because their security measures had holes.
The last thing you need is to lose your hard-earned money because of inadequate research. So, always take the time to figure out how safe the proposed crypto trading platform is and if it fits your needs. You can do this by thoroughly reading the security information on the platform’s website. People’s reviews about the crypto trading platform are also another valuable resource to judge whether or not it is safe to invest.
Therefore, when creating this list of top crypto trading platforms, we only chose those that observed all of the necessary security protocols to protect your interests.
We decided to look out for exchange platforms that support a high number of crypto coins to satisfy your needs.
To be sure about your preferred platform’s user experience, you could first sign up for their free trial. Many trading platforms have a free trial option that allows you to assess their ease of service and see all of their available cryptocurrencies, among other information.
Most of them also have support communities across various social media platforms. You could visit these communities to learn a thing or two about trading on the platform before you begin.
We ruled out some popular crypto trading platforms that charge very high trading fees on their websites to make your search easier. Look out for those that charge competitive fees so even if you trade in high numbers, your assets will not diminish significantly. Be sure to check out what fees they charge so you do not spend all of your profits on transaction expenses.
Your preferred trading platform may also exclude your country based on some extenuating circumstances. For example, Binance recently halted all exchange trading activities in Malaysia and some European countries. Without adequate information about this, you might lose money during a transaction.
So, while we understand that cryptocurrency platforms may not always have the power to operate worldwide, we looked out for those operating in more countries than others.
How safe is the exchange platform you are considering? You need to know your deposits and investments in that trading platform are indeed safe. Check out their security measures and learn what other people who use the platform say about them.
Does the crypto trading platform support your preferred cryptocurrencies? You want to ensure the right platform will not give you many hassles trading with your preferred coins, especially new altcoins.
This factor might not matter to you if you were already a seasoned trader. For a beginner, however, you need a platform that is easy to understand and navigate so you can keep beginner errors to a minimum.
Many of these crypto trading platforms are not available for U.S. traders because of the strict regulations imposed by many states to clamp down on fraudulent channels. You need to be sure your preferred trading platform is available in your country. Otherwise, depositing and withdrawing funds into your local bank account might prove problematic.
Working or trading with a platform that shrouds its activities in mystery is a red flag. Look out for trading platforms that are clear in their terms, open about their activities and services, and always upfront about any new changes.
Many crypto trading platforms obtain compensations or service charges on activities and transactions carried out there. It is normal, as they need it to keep running a smooth operation and services for you. Nevertheless, it is best to go for those with highly competitive rates so you do not spend all of your hard-earned profits on different service fees depending upon the trading volume.
It gives you a more cohesive way to deposit, buy, sell, or exchange your cryptocurrencies. In this article, we listed the five best crypto exchanges or trading platforms on the market — BlockFi, eToro, Binance, Coinmama, and Coinbase. They all have most of the requisite characteristics we think would be beneficial to you, such as security, a variety of coins, and a simple user interface, among others.
To successfully sign up, you will have to provide all necessary documents to facilitate the verification process. This personal information may include your name, social security number, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, etc.
Now that you have successfully signed up with a trading platform, the next thing you want to do is fund your account. You need to have some funds in the new account so you can start trading. Depositing funds in your trading account is pretty simple. One way is to do a wire transfer, sending fiat currency into the account via banking services, then exchanging the money to any cryptocurrency of your choice on the platform. Trading platforms like Coinbase charge zero fees for wire transfers.
With some funds in your account, you can now start trading. A good rule of thumb is to invest more of your funds in significant market cap crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum, then move a portion to less predictable altcoin options. Investing in altcoins can be very risky; however, they can be very rewarding, too. Some altcoins have yielded up to 1,000% profit to their investors within a short period. This is especially great if you are a high-risk investor.
Before you dive into the trading waters, you want to be sure you have a winning strategy. Many new investors have lost much more than they gained because of this mistake. As a beginner, learn everything you can about cryptocurrency trading. As mentioned earlier, some of the best trading platforms like eToro provide many educational materials that can put you on the right path. You could also buy a cryptocurrency trading course or pay for private coaching. Whatever you do, seek to be well informed before you start trading.
Whether you are actively trading or buying to hold, you need a cryptocurrency wallet to store your coins. Many trading platforms like Binance also have a digital wallet so you can store your cryptocurrencies and have easy access to them.
One of the criteria we used in judging the best crypto trading platforms is the security they offer to your account and, of course, your money.
All of the platforms listed here offer several security measures to secure your investments, including two-factor authentication. Some of them carry out periodic checks to ensure their website and mobile app are safe from hackers.
You could also follow their social media community and check their reviews on Yelp to know what people say about them. However, you must do your due diligence to ensure your preferred platform has all of the necessary security parameters covered.
You could carry out exchanges through peer-to-peer groups, but remember that scamming is a genuine possibility. It is safer to sign up on any of the best crypto trading platforms, as all of those risks have been mitigated.
There are many great crypto trading platforms out there, which is why it was so hard to choose the top five. However, we drafted a score sheet listed above that helped us choose the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms and came up with our top pick, BlockFi.
Knowing which one is better depends on your exchange goals. However, according to experts, Coinbase outranks Coinmama by a tiny percentage. Following reviews, we see Coinbase raking a 9.6 total score, while Coinmama in close range is hitting 9.4. Still, it is essential to note that each has unique features that the other may not possess.
You can buy, sell , or exchange your digital currencies at NO cost. Many crypto trading exchanges may require a minimal fee before you can make a trade on their platforms. However, several platforms, like Binance, offer free trading opportunities to traders.
Your financial capacity and aim in making an exchange largely influence how much profit you make. If you are looking for exchange platforms with low-cost options, you might have to forfeit many crypto-specific features that could increase your trading profits.
These crypto exchange platforms and bitcoin trading platforms have proven to be secure, easy to access, and convenient to trade, especially platforms like and BlockFi. Apart from trading, humanity is still their concern. They have programs such as Binance Lunch for Children, Pink Project, Crypto Alliance Charity Wallet, Fight Against Poverty, Mama to the Rescue, etc.
Most exchanges also offer custody and storage options for users looking to protect their crypto assets against theft and hacks. But then again, not all exchanges are solely personal wallet services. If you want to set up an external wallet with a Bitcoin wallet provider or another storage wallet service, you can do so while maintaining your crypto exchange account. You can simply transfer assets between your exchange account and crypto wallet when necessary.


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